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The marathon (and the Oscars, too)

If you thought the Academy Awards went on forever last night, there was a real marathon in town, too! That’s tops on the list of stories people are talking about around here today.

More than 1,500 runners completed the full 26.2 mile marathon route through the streets of Little Rock and North Little Rock, with many more running a half-marathon or the relay version. The men’s winner was Moninda Marube with a time of 2:29:40.  Topping the list of women racers was Leah Thorvilson of Little Rock, running the course in 2:48:28.

The North Little Rock animal shelter is stretched to the limit with animals from outside the city limits. There is no Pulaski County animal shelter and other cities refuse to take animals from outside their city limits. North Little Rock does accept them, but the outside animals sit at the top of the list to be euthanized, before those picked up inside city limits.  North Little Rock shelter officials are asking other shelters to open their doors to all animals, too.

Pine Bluff residents are looking at a 15 percent increase on their monthly water bills. City officials say the increase is needed to balance a decline in revenue due to the city’s dwindling population. A final decision on the increase rests with the Arkansas Public Service Commission. It regulates the Pine Bluff system and two other privately held water utilities in the state.

From the Arkansas blogs today, we start with one that notes some coverage of the U.S. Senate race in the New York Times:

Woe is Blanche Lincoln

The New York Times parachutes into darkest Arkansas to assess Sen. Blanche Lincoln's troubled standing. The anecdotal lead finds troubles even among ladies who lunch with her […]

Another blogger notes an opinion piece on Lincoln’s primary election opponent:

Jeff Hankins: Bill Halter Is Enemy No. 1 for Business Community

Arkansas Business Publisher Jeff Hankins, writing in Monday’s editions, contemplates the onslaught of campaign donation solicitations the Arkansas business community will endure this tumultuous election season and assesses the all-important U.S. Senate race. No predictions on the ultimate outcome, but it’s […]

Another blogger posted some information over the weekend on how Cap and Trade legislation could impact Arkansas farmers:

Cap and Trade Could Increase Farm Income

The cap and trade system proposed in the Waxman-Markey bill that passed the House last year could actually lead to increased farm income, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. This is due to the fact that agricultural enterprises would not be “capped” under the bill, but would […]

It’s a new day, a new week, and time to “rock and roll”! Click Here for the video version of today's discussion.


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