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The Many Ways A SERP Checker Helps Your Website Get Better

The Many Ways A SERP Checker Helps Your Website Get Better
The Many Ways A SERP Checker Helps Your Website Get Better

SERP checkers have become such an essential tools for SEO today that you can find them for free on the internet. There are many companies providing you with free SERP checker softwares with amazing features. There is a limit on the features you get with a free software but even this version can help you a great deal in managing your website’s ranking on the search engines. Paying for the software can certainly open doors for more features with further advantages for your website. Here’s how a SERP checker tool can help you in improving the rank of your website.

It Does More Than Checking SERP

From the name of the software it looks as if it is a tool only to check where your website is ranking on the search engine at a given time. However, a SERP checker does a lot of other stuff today. You can check the ranking of your website on multiple domains, for many websites and against unlimited number of keywords. Furthermore, you can create ad groups on the software to manage your search engine ads in a better way. These softwares also provide you a good comparison of your website’s ranking at present and in the past. These softwares also allow you to monitor your back links.

It Informs You In Real Time

SERP checker softwares are getting better with time. More and more features are being added by their creators with time. The best thing about any SERP checker is that it provides you with the latest information in real time. As soon as your website’s rank changes in the search results for a particular keyword you are informed about it through a notification. This is the reason why you will see your website’s ranking fluctuating greatly within an hour. These fluctuations are always happening and are common. Some website owners get worried about it.

It Lets You See The Big Picture

Your SERP checker gives you the big picture of your website ranking. It tells you what keywords are proving most useful for your website and which ones are not helping at all. It lets you check your website’s ranking on multiple Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine domains. This way you are able to know how easily you are searchable in different regions of the world. By comparing the previous and current rankings you can always know in which direction you have been moving with your past and current efforts.

Lets You Know Of The Competition

In order to remain competitive in the market you must know the intensity of the competition. You must know where your competitors are ranking and who your biggest competitors in the market are. This can be done with the help of comparison tool you will find on most SERP checkers today. You can enter the name of your website against a particular keyword and add a limited number of URLs of your competitors’ websites to check where they are standing against this keyword. This keeps you motivated and challenged to do more and become better.

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