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The Many Changing Facets of Online Marketing

The model for businesses to spread the word about themselves has changed rapidly in the last few years. Where once a newspaper advertisement or a commercial would have sufficed, these days both the ways in which companies reach consumers and consumers reach companies have changed. Now, it seems borderline irresponsible for a business not to pursue online marketing as a part of their marketing plan. Similarly, consumers will tend to research a company, or at least look up vital information, online before ever setting foot in a store or calling someone, so having a respectable online presence is a must.

There are other reasons online marketing is advantageous to companies besides its trendiness with consumers. For one thing, online marketing is dramatically cheaper than traditional marketing has been, and this is just as important when you’re entering the market as when you’re sustaining your marketing plan.

Another reason online marketing is advantageous is that tracking the success of your efforts is dramatically simpler. Rather than estimating how many people saw your ad, let alone how many people it moved to action, you can precisely measure the number of eyes on it and whether they clicked on it. This allows you to modify your marketing plan for maximum effectiveness. These facts can develop into even further detail, such as how long a person has spent on your website and exactly what they did there.

Hand in hand with tracking comes the ability to completely control your marketing efforts. Pausing a campaign, adjusting it, and most importantly, optimizing it, can be done on the fly and in a relatively painless fashion.

The distinct ways in which an online marketing plan may act tend to revolve around a few key categories. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) makes use of Google AdWords and looks to generate interest in your company by finding users who have similar interests or may be in the market for your services. Similarly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) looks to algorithms such as those that Google uses to make sure your company is one of the first to come up should a potential customer search the name of your company or even the industry that you’re in.

One of the more recent developments in the online marketing space has to do with social media. There are numerous potential ways to leverage these forms, and which you use may depend on the industry you’re in. For instance, social media can be used as a way to connect with customers or a way to influence Google SEO. Local marketing is another important factor. Not only is it important for your company to show up in search results when their location or the one they’re searching for pertains to your business, but it is also necessary for your company to show up on online maps and have the phone number listed in online directories.

Expert knowledge of these services can be employed through the use of an online marketing company. Saibot Technologies is one such company. When launched in 1999, Saibot Technologies worked primarily in web development with online marketing making up only a small portion of their business. Since then, technology like WordPress and Magento have made it much easier to develop and deploy websites, which, along with other cultural and corporate changes regarding the Internet, led Saibot Technologies to make online marketing the number one priority of their business.

President and CEO of Saibot Technologies, Adam Furman, believes that having experienced the shift in e-commerce since 1999 has given his business a wealth of knowledge regarding what works and doesn’t work in the world of online marketing, while also giving them a firsthand look at how quickly the landscape can change and just what actions are required to keep up with or even anticipate those changes.

Furman foresees the continued evolution of online marketing making further use of online videos, social media, and mobile marketing. As with all marketing, making a concerted effort through a variety or combination of the right channels may be what your company needs to reach its audience. Furman also predicts that it will be these same technologies being employed by both local businesses and nationwide or even worldwide brands. This is just one more instance of the ways in which online marketing has democratized the marketing business, making it all the more important that your company’s plan stands out and works effectively.

As mentioned above, the digital world is one of constantly shifting priorities and channels, and staying afloat is difficult but necessary. With attention to the changing currents and a willingness to embrace the novel and new technologies available, the wealth of opportunities available for businesses to take a hold of can be grasped. In a world where people are competing as much for dollars as attention, the most appealing message pushed at the right time and place can make all the difference.

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