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The Manchurian prisoner swap

Mr. Bergdahl, praise Allah my son is coming home
Mr. Bergdahl, praise Allah my son is coming home
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

With the current revelations about Bowe Bergdahl one really has to ask is it malfeasance or incompetence on the Obama administrations part. Since the announcement on Friday of his exchange the news has been fairly screaming about bad choices. Would George Washington have even considered a swap of Benedict Arnold for British prisoners?

Since his release stories have come out from his brothers in arms that he was a deserter. He became disillusioned with the way the current administration was running the war in Afghanistan and just walked off. In his planning stages he shipped his uniform and boots home for his parents. He even asked just prior to leaving if he would get into trouble if he took any equipment. When the reply was an emphatic yes he left his gun and night vision glasses.

His capture by the Taliban was not difficult. A lone yokel walking unarmed except for a knife in a US uniform was easy prey. He then spent five years living among them. The spin says he loved tea and taught them badminton. Others claim he was used as bait to ambush the loyal troops looking for him. Some even claim the Taliban changed tactics during ambushes as a direct result of his capture. (Traitor) The Army’s statement of declining prosecution since he suffered enough for five years should convince the most skeptical of his crimes. The Army felt differently years ago and had little sympathy for Iva Toguri who suffered under our bombing for years. (AKA Tokyo Rose)

The administration claims they have been negotiating with the terrorists for several months and they don’t leave anyone behind. That must be of little comfort to Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. The second excuse is to open up talks with the Taliban. To find a peaceful solution to the jihad they have waged on the western world. Since 9-11 Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 2,309 deadly attacks worldwide. Now we find a way to cede to their demands.

Why was Obama so willing to trade one home grown Muslim for five high level commanders? It surely wasn’t because as Susan Rice said “he served with honor and distinction”. (Rice) He wasn’t even a good soldier. He was a loner who was turned down by the French Foreign legion. We know the Taliban had little use for him since the Army changes tactics when they feel they have been compromised. Obama had to know what type of traitor he was swapping for. Even Bowe’s father knew and was fighting for the release of all Gitmo prisoners. (Tweet)

So why now? It is admirable that we bring all prisoners home but he seemed to be a guest and not a prisoner. Would Richard Nixon have traded any Viet Cong Generals had they taken Hanoi Jane prisoner? Now that Obama has shown his willingness to negotiate the flood gates will open (Cuba swap) and our armed forces will have a bounty on their heads. Is this what Obama meant when he said in his book “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” We will never know the real reasons because with Obama even the truth is shrouded in lies.

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