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The man who single-handedly scuttled voting rights for DC



  • Robert McCall 6 years ago

    Well, there is nothing like dealing with rational & reasonable people such as the Brady bunch (sarcasm). They did a variation on the self destructive act of cutting off their nose to spite their face. Only, in this case it was the noses of the residents of DC. But, I guess it goes hand in hand with the rationality of their gun control views.

  • Big E 6 years ago

    I wonder if this picture had anything to do with it?

    This is Mike Vanderboegh engaging Paul at the RTC rally at Gravelly Point-within sight of the Capitol dome and Washington Monument. Nothing but love...

  • Robert 6 years ago

    For the sake of American Justice how can Congress let this happen to the people of Washignton D.C.? It is criminal that they are not allowed a voice in Congress and the right to be represented in Congress. Surely some brave senators and HR reps will quickly take this up once again and reintroduce it as emergency legislation for these Americans. Why isn't this travesty all over the newspapers?

  • Lost In The Shuffle 6 years ago

    FYI:Congress has no right to grant voting rights to D.C.The United States Constitution grants congressional voting representation to the states,which the District is not.The District is a federal territory ultimately under the complete authority of Congress.The lack of voting representation in Congress for residents of the U.S. capital has been an issue since the foundation of the federal district.Numerous proposals have been introduced to change this situation including legislation and constitutional amendments to grant D.C. residents voting representation, returning the District to the state of Maryland and making the District of Columbia into a new state.All proposals have been met with political or constitutional challenges; therefore,there has been no change in the District's representation in the Congress.So now unconstitutional legislation has been dropped in order to keep other unconstitutional anti Second Amendment laws in place. Truly,the inmates are now running the asylum.

  • citizenw 6 years ago

    So the taxpayers of the District of Columbia can’t have representation but can have guns forced on them against their will. Senators McCain and Tester should heed the words of their colleague, the late Arthur Capper, five-term Republican senator from Kansas and twice that state’s governor:
    "If anything ever was worth fighting for it is national representation for the District of Columbia. And I am confident that finally your campaign will be victorious, as it well deserves to be. In my State, if its 2,000,000 inhabitants were told that they could have no voice in the Government which they are taxed to support, I know what would quickly happen. An army would be organized, and it would march across the plains to the Capital of the country and enforce its rights. Of course, I do not recommend for you an appeal to arms. But you must all be aggressive to secure for yourselves that which is rightfully yours.”

    – U.S. Senator Arthur Capper (1938 speech to Columbia Historical Society)

  • Catfish 6 years ago

    Heller get a gun yet?

  • theaton 6 years ago

    The people of DC don't have a right to voting representation in Congress. Maybe people should read the Constitution of the United States before saying such things. If people want voting representation in Congress they need to live in a State Also, since our Constitution is amendable, they could propose, pass and ratify an amendment giving them voting representation.

  • Richard 6 years ago

    It is easy for DC residents to get the ability to vote, just MOVE to a STATE. It really is that easy. There are two of them right next door and three more within a few hours drive.
    That way, they would also regain their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

  • HerbM 6 years ago

    DC should simply be returned to Maryland, as the south side of the Potomac was returned to Virginia. The Feds keep the land they are using (whether it is the Capitol or the Pentagon) and the PEOPLE of DC live in Maryland, voting for a Congress member and for the Maryland Senate.

    If DC wants to vote, it has to be part of a REAL STATE.

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