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The Man. The Legend. The Genius.

The man. The legend. The genius.
The man. The legend. The genius.

The greatest thing happened to me on Saturday. I will share my experience with you but only if you promise not to tell anyone.... this has to be our little secret. If word gets out....oh boy.... I could really get in trouble.

On Saturday I visited my favorite mall, Oakridge Center and visited my favorite store, Wear Else. Upon entering the store, I was overcome with emotion. There, on a table right in front of me, the new Michael Kors Gansevoort Open Toe Pumps in Cement. I nearly cried from delight, being a long time admirer of the extremely talented Michael Kors. After having the saleswoman fawn over my selection, I purchased the shoes and was on my way home.

Needless to say, while sitting down at my computer this morning to discuss my newest purchase in blog form, I was surprised to have such trouble trying to find a picture of my beloved new shoes. While doing some research on them and the new Michael Kors Spring/Summer line I was shocked to discover that these shoes aren't just available to anyone. No, No. They were only sent to a few select stores across Canada and the US. And even more surprising......there is a wait list of celebrities and their stylists who are waiting to purchase these shoes. Imagine my surprise to be holding the "shoe of the moment"....and imagine my smugness at knowing that I have them before certain A-list celebrites. My first thought was to try and sell them to the highest bidder, to possibly pay for my daughters' college education. But upon reading further, I realized that they are being shipped to stores world-wide today.

Although my joy and smugness lasted for only a moment, I got a fleeting taste of what it must be like to be "in-the-know" and to have access to hot-off-the-press information. Now if only I had the connections to get treatment like this everyday, I'd be set (at least as far as material goods go!)