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It has been a never ending battle for eons between a woman understanding a man and a man making a woman understand what is right and wrong with certain things. When you have a partner that is not particularly subservient to your needs, it tends to make men upset to the point of causing unneeded arguments and other strife that often ends relationships. Since you can't push water through a brick wall very easily, it can be a pain in the ass to talk to women to get your needs addressed properly.

The Dominance of Manhood

Being dominating and simply getting the things you want are two totally different modes; we are not going to suggest at any time in this article you should go out and club your woman over the head and make her obey your every command. Instead, we are going to bring to light the things she needs to know for her own benefit so when she decides that she wants to be with you full time, rules are already established. There are many alpha hacks, in fact, located at the site with that name, where man can feel like a man again without being belittled. In fact, Alpha Hacks has helped man strengthen his foothold on the family domicile.

Men are naturally going to be predominant in the home regardless of what society tells us; we are called upon to serve and protect the members of our castles by means of force against outside intrusions. We are called upon to fix the leaky pipes, scare away boogie men from the kid’s closets and perform outside tasks so the woman can have her garden. At the end of the day, we are the masters of the universe and therefore deserve to have special considerations in other areas of the relationship, or the house. Yes, this includes having a man-fridge.

Laying Down Man-Rules

First thing’s first: if you are the owner or occupant of a home that you are providing for, there must be a clear set of rules that are put in place for the protection of assets and your own manhood; simple things like cleanliness need to be addressed. Here are a list of rules that you need to hold fast to so that your castle can be kept as manly as possible with little room for some cutsie schmootsie wall paintings of bunnies, butterflies, flowers and the likes:

  • Tools: If women are going to borrow our tools to try and nail things or screwdrivers to put together whatever they need to put together, they need to go back where they came from so when we are summoned to fix the dryer or the faucet the tools are readily available like they were the last time you were in the toolbox. Bolt the lid shut if you feel the need to.
  • The Mancave: Should you be lucky enough to have your own custom mancave – whether that be the garage, a shed or spare bedroom, the privacy of the items that are contained within it needs to be respected and, in fact, it would simply be better if the women just keep out completely. The mancave is sacred and needs to be treated like a manshrine all the time.
  • The Bed: The bed is where the man sleeps; it is where he enjoys the late-night sandwich while watching episodes of Letterman or ESPN highlight reels; therefore, the woman needs to respect that and avoid fluffing the bed with pretty blankets and the likes. If she chooses to decorate her night stand, it should be allowed so long as the man’s side is preserved with enough room to put down said late-night delicacies. Respect should be observed and order will be held in this regard.
  • Fridge: Since most of the action in your life takes place at work, in the bed or in the kitchen, there needs to be some reservations made about items in the refrigerator. For example, perhaps you saved half of your woman’s meatloaf to make meatloaf sandwiches later on during the week; it is absolutely wrong to take these leftover items and pitch them so long as they have accumulated fuzz; these items are edible for many days after and are not to be thrown to the family dog unless the man finds it imperative to do so.
  • The Remote: You already knew this vital instrument was going to be on this list. If the man is comfortable in his man-chair and is engaged in a sporting event that doesn’t appease the woman, said woman will not request to take control of the remote until the program has been viewed in its entirety. There are other televisions in the house where the woman can tune into her Lifetime or Oxygen Network event - the main big screen just isn’t the one when the ballgame is on.


These are the five main areas in a man’s actual living arrangement that are adversely affected by women and have been for years; if you are constantly at war with your significant other over trivial issues like this, you need to break it down to her so she doesn’t ruin your way of life by imposing her feminism on your entire life and turning everything you know and love into something you’ll hate.



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