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The majority of NH voters oppose Obamacare. Does that make them racist?

Yesterday in a Senate meeting, Senate Democrat Jay Rockefeller told Senate Republican Ron Johnson that the people who oppose Obamacare are racists. Rockefeller is adamant about his statement. Apparently Rockefeller can read the minds of the millions of people who oppose Obamacare, including the thousands in New Hampshire who have continually opposed Obamacare. Yes Granite Staters, those of you in the majority, who have opposed Obamacare since 2009, are considered racists by this Democrat.

Are the majority of NH voters racist for opposing Obamacare?
Photo by Kimberly Morin

Rockefeller is not the only Democrat who has made this type of outrageous and disgusting accusation. The Louisiana State Chair of the Democrat Party made the same ridiculous accusation recently. Representative John Lewis from Georgia compared opposing Obamacare to those who signed the “Southern Manifesto” in the 1950s (a document that opposed integration of races in public places – mostly signed by Democrats). From Politico:

As he chaired a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat accused the GOP of opposing President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act because he’s the “wrong color,” eliciting an emotional reaction from Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, that the Democratic senator “would basically imply that I’m a racist.”…

“That you would say that opposition to Obamacare necessarily must stream from some inherent racism? Very offensive. Listen, my opposition to health care has nothing to do with the race of President Obama,” Johnson said. “It is the greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime.”

According to the University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center, the majority of Granite Staters have opposed Obamacare since 2009. That majority has not changed. The majority of Independents and Republicans have always been opposed to Obamacare. The number of Democrats who previously approved has also shifted downward. Apparently that means you are all racists because losing your health plan, doctor and hospital all while paying higher premiums for less benefits should not affect your opinion about Obamacare.

Will this be the newest Democrat talking point? Is this what they’ll go with on the campaign trail? The disapproval for Obamacare has always been high throughout the country and continues to grow. For the majority of people, it has absolutely nothing to do with who is the President and everything to do with the federal government “taking over” their healthcare choices. Rockefeller and other Democrats have completely offended an entire voting base by accusing them of racism. That card was worn out back in 2009.

Is Obamacare that much of an albatross to Democrats running for re-election that they will resort to calling the majority of the population racists? It will be interesting to see if Senator Shaheen or Representative Carol Shea-Porter, who both voted for Obamacare but refuse to hold town halls, denounce Rockefeller’s egregious statement. Odds are they’ll ignore it like they ignore their constituents and continue to do what their party bosses tell them. Don’t worry, no one in the “real world” believes you are a racist for opposing Obamacare. It’s only in the crazy world of Democrats that anyone believes such outrageous claims.

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