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The magic that is Greenlee and Ryan

Greenlee has eyes only for ex, Ryan
Greenlee has eyes only for ex, Ryan

So, Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) has finally woken up from her stupor and has realized what she lost when she refused Ryan's (Cameron Mathison) proposal last spring when she returned from the dead. She has seen the light also on her  husband, David Hayward's, (Vincent Irizarry) nastiness in the way he is blackmailing her from leaving him. We saw her recoil slightly from his touch on her wedding day, but now she can't hold back her disgust and animosity. Besides, the gravitational pull between Ryan and Greenlee is just too strong to be denied.

Of course there are complications now. There always are. Ryan has entered into a sort of relationship with the vulnerable Madison North (Stephanie Gatschet), whose heart he will hate to trample on when he leaves her for another chance at bliss with Greenlee. And, Kendall Hart Slater (Alicia Minshew) is coming back to town. Will that throw another wrench into the Ryan-Greenlee story line?

There is an undeniable chemistry between Mathison and Budig, and there have been a few scenes in the last couple of episodes, since Ryan suffered an aneuryism, that have reminded us of all that has been between this powerful couple. Budig is a masterful actress who uses her fabulous brown eyes to express her pain without saying a word. What Budig understands is that less is more, and her ability to be quiet and use body language and facial expression to emote is largely why the Greenlee-Ryan story is so poignant.

We have seen how David behaves when a woman is about to leave him. One thing is for sure, he will not go gentle into that good night where Greenlee is concerned. We can expect fireworks as this story continues to unwind.