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'The Magic Catdom' cat show held at Anaheim Business Expo Center

It was a fun-filled weekend for the entire family at the Anaheim Business Expo Center as Crown City Cat Club and the Cat Fanciers Association presented "The Magic Catdom" cat show.

The Magic Catdom Cat Show-Anaheim Business Expo Center.  A blue-eyed Tonkinese Kitten.
Ella Batalon
The Magic Catdom Cat Show
Ella Batalon

Cat owners and their furry felines traveled as far as Arizona and Oregon to compete with 225 pedigreed cats and kittens including ordinary pet house cats for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place colored ribbons from nine competition classes to Best in Show.

Cat show breeds included: Abyssinians, Burmese, Siamese, Ocicats, Cornish Rex, Persians, Sphynx, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds, Himalayans and many more interesting cat breeds that had cat lovers and cat enthusiasts cooing with admiration at the site of all the adorably cute contestants being brushed, primmed and pampered.

"Hope to Home for Cats" a non-profit organization based in the Inland Empire also had their rescued cats on display ready for adoption to good homes.

While a variety of pet retailers were also onsite selling products such as pet food, kitty litter, cat toys and dishes, 7 ft. kitty condos, cat T-shirts, socks and purses to tasty food samples for human consumption.

Food trucks parked in front of the expo center fed hungry guests and cat owners, while bake sale tables inside the center sold a variety of cookies, cakes and pies with complimentary coffee, ending the weekend event with raffle prizes and happy contestant owners taking home their feline companions and winning ribbons.

For information or to learn more about Cat Fanciers Association and the "Hope to Home for Cats", please visit the following websites.

Cat Fanciers Association:

Hope to Home for Cats:

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