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The luxury of time

Many, Many families will be getting together this weekend for a family time in celebration of Easter. And as they do so, conversation frequently turns to the progression of the family, from children to adult children to middle aged children to retired adult children. With families raised and now looking forward to time to enjoy their lives, many 50 and 60 something’s are finding just as they are ready to begin their retirement, there is a new generation on the horizon which needs help and caregiving attention. The problem maybe however they do not want to interfere with their children’s retirement. Yes we are talking about our parents.
They gave up much to raise a family, build a home and put down roots, frequently away from the families they came from. They know the sacrifices which are embedded in providing for this live style, so they would rather not visit that upon their children. If you see the signs or if you don’t (they can hold it together for hours) this is the time to plan and discuss the options. Get together with siblings and discuss options available to your family. Know what resources are out in the community for help and begin the leg work. This is the time, as now you have the luxury of time.

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