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The Lux Cultural Cafe under new management


The re-opening of The Lux Café in Waterbury, CT was a five year dream for co-owner Simone Ward. Though the café was notorious for it’s abundance of alcohol and quick fixes, Ward felt that it was just the place to introduce a new kind of lifestyle. Together with co-owner Colin Campbell, a new café would soon emerge.

At its grand re-opening in January of 2009, The Lux Cultural Café became a wholesome hotspot for all ages. While catering to Connecticut cultures and Christians, the café continues to offer a variety of foods and entertainment. Guests can enjoy poetry jams, gospel jazz sessions, live concerts and open mic nights while choosing from a selection of non-alcoholic specialty drinks and cultural food.

After the recent death of co-owner Campbell on June 26, 2009, Ward was left in tears.Through many tests and trials, Ward continues to keep The Lux open on a daily basis. Visitors have suggested that Ward sell alcohol to increase profits and gain a wider audience, but she is adamant about maintaining a friendly atmosphere and warm company. "It’s not about how many people," said Ward. "I want families to come here."

Ward has always loved music, but didn’t like many of the atmospheres she found herself in at the expense of enjoying it. She wanted to create a place where young and old could come and have a great time. This is one of the reasons why the Lux is not restricted to Christian guests, though its standards are fundamentally Christian. Its audience stretches much wider. "I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable if they are not a Christian," said Ward. "Everyone is not a Christian, but everyone is cultural."

Ward also actively pursues reaching a young audience as she has joined Connecticut’s Summer Food Service Program. Her café is now a free food service site during the summer months, where area Waterbury children up to age 18 can have a healthy breakfast and lunch. Having the site emphasizes the café’s functionality as guests never need a babysitter to come have a good time.

The Lux Cultural Café is still looking for entertainers, volunteers and has always been open to suggestions. You will enjoy this place, but as their slogan says, "this ain’t no night club."

799 North Main Street ~ Waterbury, CT 06704 ~

Monday – Friday (8:00 am – 2:00 pm)

Weekends & Special Events (open until 10pm or later)


  • JLWard 5 years ago

    Good job Kris. Great writing. And congratulations to my sister Simone R. Ward the focus of this article!

  • D. L.Gatling 5 years ago

    Beautifully written. Congratulations and much love to Simone (MY DAUGHTER), post-humous honor to Colin.