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The lure of holiday sales: deciding what to buy and what to walk away from

The Sales of the Season
The Sales of the Season
Foothills Fashion Mall, Fort Collins, CO

It's the week before, day before, day after Christmas sale and there are deals everywhere. So how do you know if you're getting a good deal? Here are some simple guidelines to follow to help figure out what to buy and what to leave behind:

- Is the sale item something you were considering purchasing before seeing the sale?

A lot of times in the holiday rush, a sale seems incentive enough to spend the money, but if you didn't think you needed it before, you probably don't now.

- How much money had you planned on spending the day you went out sale shopping?

It is always good to set an amount as a guideline for how much you can spend in a shopping day. If you have one hundred dollars and with it you plan to purchase a movie for your daughter, a book for your husband, and a game for your son, leaving the rest for you to enjoy, you need to consider all purchases within those guidelines.

-Walk away and come back later if you're not sure.

If you find something you really want but aren't sure it's a deal, ask someone if you can put it on hold for a couple of hours. After contemplating the purchase, you can make a better decision. Impulse buying is the best way to get into during and after holiday trouble.

The holidays are exciting and sometimes in the trips between the mall, the coffee shop, and home, it's difficult to discern what is really important. Keep it simple, sweetie! A sale will not determine anything in the long run. Your family and enjoying this over-merchandised season can be done without a trip to the store.