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The lunacy of Stand Your Ground

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
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You know you're in Florida lately if there's a Stand Your Ground trial going on somewhere. The latest trial involves a Michael Dunn, a white software engineer who pumped ten bullets into a car of black teenagers. His defense, if that's what you want to call it, is that Dunn claims he was threatened by what he said was a gun inside the car. The reason for any confrontation was Dunn's insistence that the boys turn the music down. Loud rap music, I agree, isn't pleasant (neither is heavy metal-so it's not a race thing with me), but it's hardly a scenario where guns have to be pulled. The lunacy here is that this event took place in a gas station, so it's not like it was Dunn's front yard. He instigated this and he will now go to jail for a long time-thank God.

Dunn couldn't believe the verdict which included three (2nd degree) attempted murder convictions (for shooting at a car full of human beings). The primary 1st degree murder charge was declared a mistrial by the judge because the jury couldn't agree with a charge that may have been better left out in this case. Premeditation may have been in Dunn's mind here-if only briefly, but that was pushing the envelope. The prosecutors may retry Dunn anyway on that charge with the idea that he (albeit briefly) planned to kill Jordan Davis who was the person allegedly instructing the others to turn the music back up, after it was initially lowered.

Needless to say, Michael Dunn is or was an accident waiting to happen. The problem with these Stand Your Ground laws is, it leaves the judgement of "feeling threatened" up to morons like himself or George Zimmerman, a fat cop-wannabe, who managed to beat a murder charge of killing Trayvon Martin last year. In both cases, I believe these two gun-toting idiots used flimsy evidence to maintain a defense that their lives were in harms way. They became judge-jury and executioner and proceeded to blow a young teen into the next world. Dunn may be more educated than Zimmerman, but they are both two examples of why concealed weapons laws are a firm reality with potentially dire consequences. I am a former gun-control advocate who now finds it okay to carry a gun because that's what America has come to. Reasonable gun control should have occurred back in the late 1960's or into the 1970's when our culture was melting down.

By 1968, it was quite obvious America was going through a crisis from which we never fully recovered. The breakdown of the nuclear family, the rise of the drug culture, a war without end, and several assassinations which created a leadership vacuum which broke down, what had been a fairly reasonable world of law and order (minus the obvious race issues). The United States has never been the same, and all while this was going on-we had an ever-increasing and obscene amount of guns flooding the marketplace, both black market and the legit one. You could get a gun anywhere, and because of the cultural breakdown, outcasts, criminals and others with hate and felonies on their mind, began to take up arms against one another. The murder rate increased along with domestic violence. This was later followed by kids killing kids, and mass murder occurring on a regular basis. Why America didn't look inward and take effective measure to tighten gun availability will be a question for historians, but it all ended up with the USA regressing back to a Dodge City mentality where millions now carry guns. What else could we do?

It's a sad day in America when everybody needs to arm themselves, but the National Rifle Association was loaded with bullets and money, and proceeded to launch a campaign against any politician who came out for gun control. It created a nation of political cowards who were more inclined to get reelected than take a stand for common sense: now it's too late. The NRA won this war. There's simply more guns per capita here than anywhere in the civilized world, and I use the word "civilized" lightly. Yes, gun violence and the murder rate nationally is down, but look at the price we paid and are still paying. The Second Amendment was always so absurdly defined that it made it seem like all guns should be available to anybody at any time. Does any logically minded person really think this is what the founding fathers had in mind?

There will be more Stand Your Ground cases, and more meek creeps like Dunn and Zimmerman who think they are tough because they carry a gun. Zimmerman was lucky because he got a jury of like-minded idiots (I guess they were his peers). Dunn wasn't so fortunate and will find the disrespect he claimed wasn't given to him by Jordan Davis, non-existent in the prison where he will spend a good portion of the next 20 or so years. What a complete buffoon. His lawyer said he is in complete disbelief. Can you imagine a quick stop in a gas station turning into murder because you were irritated by loud music?!? I can only hope Dunn's prison mates treat him with more disrespect because Michael Dunn has earned it.

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