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The lowdown on going down: Dealing with oral sex and odor

Today we have a question for the ladies. This comes from Heather, in Nashville, TN:

“I’m really self-conscious when my boyfriend goes down on me. I’m afraid it smells bad - what should I do?”

Vaginal odor is actually a pretty common concern among women, and it can prevent them from relaxing and just enjoying oral sex. Rest assured, a guy most likely finds your odor attractive, not offensive, and if he’s offering to perform oral sex on you, he is probably pretty turned on by the whole thing. However, if you are unable to put that fear out of your mind, try popping in the shower for a few minutes before he goes down on you; this can help you feel a little bit more fresh. Whatever you do, don’t use any perfumes, sprays, or scented lotions on the area, as these can upset your natural body chemistry and cause irritation or even infection. If a guy does complain of a funky odor down there, or if you notice some discharge, talk to your doctor, because this could be a sign of a yeast infection or other problem. But in the meantime, just try to relax and have fun!

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