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The low sodium dog food diet

Low sodium dog food is not a very common diet. These diets are used for dogs that have heart, liver or kidney disease. If your dog has one of these problems, then you should consider feeding him with low sodium dog food.

It’s not easy at all to find good low sodium food. The researches proved that many companies producing low sodium food is really low in sodium but has other things that you don’t want your dog to eat. Pay a lot of attention when you go to the supermarket and search for a good food to buy. Read carefully the food labels to convince you of what’s in there.

As a good low sodium dog food is hard to find on the markets, many dog owners decided to make their dog’s food by their own. It might be a real challenge for you, but it worth. Your dog deserves what’s best. This is the best thing you could do for him: home cooking. If you don’t know any dog food recipes you can get a lot of inspiration from

As you decided to help your dog and cook his food at home, you might wonder which ingredients are to be used? Here is a short list of what’s good: pork (meat), fish, peas, cucumber, potatoes, almonds, peaches, apple, rice, pears, honey, and barley. You can combine these ingredients to create a very high nutritional and healthy dog food. I’ll also help you with ideas of right combinations right the way.

How can a low sodium dog food help your dog with a heart disease? It helps maintaining a normal blood pressure, helps the heart working at his best level, helps the cardiac muscle metabolize faster and helps you dog to live a better and a healthier life.

And now, here are the recipes I told you about:

1. Chicken with potatoes

You need –one cup of chicken breast;

three cups of boiled potatoes with skin;

one teaspoon bone-meal powder;

one multiple vitamin mineral tablet.

2. Beef and rice

Use – 2 cups of long grain rice precooked;

8 ounces lean ground beef cooked;

one teaspoon bone-meal powder;

one multiple vitamin mineral tablet.

For your help I’ll give you here in a table the sodium content if some general used food ingredients for dogs, in order to cook an appropriate low sodium dog food.

Type of food

Content of sodium (mg)

White rice




Sweet potatoes


White potatoes




Cottage cheese


Whole egg


Bacon and ham


Light meat of chicken


Beef kidney


Beef heart


As a general rule it is known that older dogs develop risks for heart, kidney and liver disease, but this doesn’t means that your puppy can’t have the same problems too. It is very important, as soon as you take a dog to your house, to consult a vet who will immediately tell you if your dog has health problems or not. Don’t wait until you will see symptoms. It might be too late, or you might not be able to observe those symptoms.

Always remember this: “it’s better to prevent than to treat”.

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