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The lovelost: indie dreampop for a sunny day

The lovelost
The lovelost
The lovelost

If you are in the mood for something pleasantly unexpected and aurally satisfying, keep an ear open for the Phoenix band The lovelost. Comprising of Ixchel del Castillo (vocals, bass, percussion) and Frank Ippolito (guitars, ukulele) along with Nick Kizer (drums) and Niki Kizer (lead guitar), The lovelost is an eclectic "indie rock" band that combines layered guitar textures and upbeat percussion with the enchanting vocals Ixchel sings in English and Spanish. The bi-lingual lyrics are an important aspect of the music that pays respect to Ixchel’s heritage, as she hails from Mexico City. Frank says that their sound is difficult to describe due to the various influences, but he does mention a few bands they hold in admiration: The Mountain Goats, Beruit, Placebo, and The Pixies, as well as too many local bands to mention them all.

A romantic partnership as well as a musical one, fate brought Frank and Ixchel together one Halloween when they were both starting new jobs at the same company. They discovered that being the "new kids" wasn't the only thing they had in common and the collaboration “Leaf” was born. When that initial project folded, they re-grouped and formed The lovelost to express all that they had left to say and play the music that they wanted to play.

Lifelong musicians, Frank and Ixchel play with passion and let the music come from inside them. According to Frank: " Whether we get a song on the radio or in a film or play a show at a venue with just a bartender and someone playing video poker, we play our hearts out like the show was being held in a stadium with thousands of people watching."

This musical enthusiasm shows through on their debut album. A collection of shimmering indie-pop recorded by The lovelost at Perfect Timing Studios, “Foreign” has all the usual elements of The lovelost sound along with special guests Chris Fiscus (percussion), Billy Keys (keyboards), David Cosme (trumpet), and Robin Vinning (accordion). These additional musicians were brought in to add textures and sonic qualities to a fine batch of songs, something that Ippolito wants to explore further in the future. He discusses the new EP the band is working on: “We’re writing new songs for a new EP. We truly write music that we would like to hear from other bands. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with textures and sounds, we’re thinking about bringing even more instruments for the EP. That’s not going to make it easy to recreate that sound on stage, but why make it easy?”

So, when you want to hear some lovely, moving alternative music with soul and guts that will certainly put smile on your face, check out The Lovelost and let their eclectic dreampop wash over you in luxurious waves. You can hear their music on iTunes or at The lovelost,
and you can catch them live at:

The Crescent Ballroom

Sept. 8, 8:30