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The Love of Team Sports

The Ann Arbor Community and Recreation team sports staff show the variety of team activites offered.
The Ann Arbor Community and Recreation team sports staff show the variety of team activites offered.
Ann Arbor Community and Recreation

There is no lack of love for team sport activities here in Ann Arbor. Whether it's through the YMCA , Community Education and Recreation, or at the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center and other various gymnasiums around town, there is a good chance that some team sport like volleyball, basketball or even two on two badminton is being played.

The interest for this type of competition has been apparent for a long time now. For many the fun of getting into uniform for a big game doesn't end in high school. Local recreation organizations offer adults the chance to maintain the lifestyle of competing in team sports. In addition, gaining the variety of benefits this brings.

I must concede here that I am a member of the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center. That shouldn't be too controversial and the only reason I bring it up is to talk about eyewitness evidence of the greatness of using a team sport to get a great workout while having loads of fun. There are many evenings at the Murray Rec. Center where volleyball is being played on four courts by teams of six or two on two badminton occupies the entire gymnasium.

It became clear to me that many Ann Arbor residents are devoted participants. It made me want to play badminton immediately, but one other thing I noticed as I thought about playing was how good everyone appeared. Various people from different walks of life were playing both in a good and serious way.

Then I thought about the people who aid in organizing and directing the variety of sports. It takes a lot of time to run these adult leagues, there's equipment, scheduling and getting officials to work the games like basketball and hockey. The team sports staffs at organizations like the YMCA and Community and Recreation need to be commended for their help. It takes some work to put these leagues together. 

This is an introductory into the world of team sports. I plan on taking a look into the specific sports and what makes them so fun and popular. The research has begun and one perusal of the website Arborweb that can be linked to at   let's you know the range and amount of potential team sports there are and for those interested like me it will be fun to learn more about this love.


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