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The love of God : the power we trust

In the Love of God We Trust
In the Love of God We Trust
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City of Detroit, people of God, we as residents of this great area are affected when the national media airs our plight.

The end of the era of the "Big Three" has transformed the hope of many into despair.

If we are not careful, the "spill over" effect will permeate our lives for the next two or three generations.

It is not hard to see. When the condition of the (auto) industry changed, our family lives changed. The quality of education declined. The real estate market collapsed. Banks began the practice and procedure of foreclosure and predatory lending as a means to an end. What a climate to live in?!  Soon, it will be a culture.

We can't go much further without mentioning the changes which "affect" our churches. Formerly known as our "spiritual sanctuary" or "spiritual haven."  Where has the love gone?  We speak of the love for humanity. The love for the prosperity, health, spiritual (as well as natural) wealth and the pursuit of happiness of God's people?

The love of God, which is the power of God, transcends this "illogical" set of circumstances. That's right. Circumstances.

What could possibly cause and logically promote the revitalization of our city?

Let's examine the love of God, which by definition extends to our country, city, church, children, families and finally humanity.

Love is a power which above all things: makes sense. It is logical. Some may argue: "love isn't logical," because we see abused men, women and children hide their scars, whether emotional or physical, all the time in the name of love, wrapped neatly in excuses.

Once, our Teacher Bishop William Duren of Detroit Michigan, told the church of a story wherein he worked in conjunction with the Detroit Fire Department. He indicated that he was called to the scene of a fire which claimed the lives of several family members. While the arson squad investigated the scene, Bishop Duren indicated that he saw the chard remains of the family members all hugged and bound together in a protective type circle.The scene depicted a visual effect which illustrated the magnitude of the catastrophe and the presence of the great fear which caused the family's paralysis and ultimate demise.

Some would call such an illogical sequence of events: love. Bishop Duren indicated that "true love" would have given one of the family members the power to overcome the fear of imminent death, and the power to break free and find help or seek life assistance so that the other family members could survive. That type of love is sound.That type of love is logical. That is the love of God. 

Love binds wounds, heals broken hearts. Love promotes hope. Love is a source of reciprocity which is a mutually beneficial exchange. New International Webster's Standard Dictionary at pg. 230.

The great love which Jesus Christ shared with us in the world throughout the ages compels our reciprocation: to love one another, to fully be competent and be able to encourage our neighbors, our friends, to give mercy for mercy, to give grace for grace; to love our enemies. John 13:34-35, Matthew 5: 44-48.

Acceptance is POWER.

2 Timothy 1:7 (King James Version)

7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

God Bless (To be continued. . . )


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