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The Love Effect

Lilac in the Sun
Lilac in the Sun

Everybody needs love. Everybody wants love. The desire for love is innate and much more than a sentiment expressed, love makes your body and your mind healthy and brings out the best in everyone. There is nothing alive that does not seek to receive and express love. In love's absence, it is as if one isn't fully alive. Love's absence also is the root of nearly all human pathology. Love is the ultimate truth. When you study love as a participant or an observer one thing remains consistent and that is relationships rooted in playfulness always lead you to rapturous delight.

Falling in romantic love causes the brain to intoxicate and increase the release of neurotransmitters that give rise to a steady euphoria that no drug on earth can offer. Furthermore, when in this particular mental state, the body becomes stronger, more resistant to illness as the hormones released build up the body's natural immunity. As a result, your immune system becomes more regulated leading to better health and wellness from head to toe and inside and out. Your body is put in its' favorite and most natural experience and everything about you operates at its highest and most powerful level.

To find love you first need to understand yourself. And while some may argue, and correctly so, that love has a mind of its own preventing you from thinking straight, it does that too. But you can find love by following the laws of nature that we see every day as the answer is there for all of us. Look at any flower, growing up towards the sun with all her might, petals wide open, waiting for her lover, the sun, insects, water, and earth, all 4 elements combined and thriving. The behavior of the flower, the reaction to the sun, is almost too obvious but there it is in absolute perfect glory! When you are attracted to someone, a very powerful and magical energy is ignited. Examine the person's qualities closely and ask yourself, what is it about this particular person that I am attracted to? Make a specific list about what you like. Perhaps they possess traits that you admire, that you relate to. Is it their gentleness? Intellect? Enthusiasm? Sense of humor? Confidence? Sexy? Really ask yourself. This is the key to understanding you. Who are you? For you will find yourself in the very qualities that sparked your attraction.

It is important for a healthy relationship, one that includes playfulness, that you begin to exhibit those qualities you find so attractive because that is your true essence, as is the essence of the flower. That you were even drawn to it suggests that about you. If you fail to develop those qualities in yourself, you might be somewhat satisfied but mostly by robbing the energy from the other person which is far less healthy than allowing them to bring out the very best in you, now having uncovered the qualities you find so very attractive! Therein lies your key to security as well. The flower takes on the essence of the sun impregnated by the elements.

People who are not in healthy relationships (romantic, children, siblings, friendships) are five times more likely to die from cardiovascular related illness and cancer and develop clinical depression and severe anxiety. The key to a healthy relationship is making one another feel safe so offer your reassurance so each person feels safe and treasured because love is precious. It is more precious than anything else in the world. Use your body to express your love. Be affectionate, kiss, hold hands, and make it a point to continue that behavior forever. Make love! Make love as often as possible. There is nothing that will ever be more pleasurable than making love to the person you are in love with. Ever. Just as the sun makes love to the flower.

I recently read the manifesto of a mass murderer and this writer is purposefully not going to publish his name. I can tell you from his highly personal writings and so many criminals who experience urges to behave violently that we see all to frequently in the world, can be traced back to an absence of healthy love and in so many cases it has lead to pathological jealousy so severe it literally drove them insane to the point of murder. I am not suggesting that this is the cookie cutter reason for all of the world's violence but we can reduce violence exponentially with our natural ability to express and receive love. A little love goes a long way. Be generous in love. Go in love with absolute fearlessness.