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The Lottie story

Rescued dog
Rescued dog
A Litter At A Time photo

Warning: This article is gut wrenching

This is the story of little Lottie, a sweet little pup dropped off on the side of the road.

Just this week a very kind and caring local resident stopped at a field along the side of the road to pick some newly bloomed flowers. As she was perusing the field a little black and white head with soulful eyes pops up out of the flowers. She calls the pup over to her and the little thing comes bounding up to her. Thinking that surely this baby has a home nearby she offered her lunch to the small pup. As she drove away the pup devours the lunch and watches her leave. Unable to get the baby out of her mind she drives back later that evening to see if the pup is still in the area. She is nearby so she gives her some dog food. She does this for a couple of days and then realizes that the little pup must be homeless. So this kind lady picks her up, takes her home and gives her a name: Lottie.

Lottie now has a temporary home, as the kind lady is unable to keep her. She contacts a local rescue for some help finding Lottie a new permanent home. The rescue is willing to help by posting the pup on their website and helping the resident vet her.

Lottie enjoys two wonderful days in a warm, loving home. Then she becomes sick. It begins with a lack of playfulness, then a little diarrhea, and a lack of appetite. She vomits once or twice and the lady contacts the rescue for some help. The rescue comes with all their medicines. You see, they know what ‘s wrong with Lottie; she has parvo. Unfortunately, the rescue has seen it so many times that they have as much of a chance with helping Lottie as does the vet. It’s after hours and if Lottie makes it through the night she can be taken to the vet in the morning. After re-hydrating the pup and giving her the necessary meds they leave Lottie’s care overnight to her new friend. But, for Lottie it was to late. She died overnight.

Moral of this story: Please vaccinate your animals!

Parvo is a very, highly contagious virus that attacks the lining of a dog’s digestive system. It is almost always fatal to puppies. Parvo is not a pretty or easy death for the dog. It’s very uncomfortable and painful. They usually die of either a high fever, dehydration or they just bleed out. A puppy’s intestinal lining has the most dividing cells in its body. Parvo attacks these cells causing the bloody stool. They have very explosive bloody diarrhea and often times cry in abdominal pain before they die. Parvo can also attack other organs in the body.

Vaccinating all puppies can prevent parvo. The first vaccine is given at six (6) weeks of age, with subsequent vaccines every two (2) to four (4) weeks thereafter until four (4) vaccines are given. These vaccines are by far cheaper than the cost of a treatment for parvo at your local vet. Treatment for parvo can range anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending on the length of the dog’s stay. However, there is no guarantee that your pup will survive. A diagnosis of parvo yields a 50/50 chance. Whereas, the total cost for the vaccines at your vet’s office will probably cost you about $300. With that, you are guaranteed 100% that your pup wil survive!

Just remember Lottie the next time you have a puppy or dog come into your life. Please don’t let them become another Lottie.

Local Rescues:

A Litter At A Time Rescue

Friends of Cats and Dogs

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  • Sandra Nathan 5 years ago

    Yes,Laurie, it is a gut wrenching story, one which I am sure you hear and see up close too often. Perhaps Lottie's sad story will cause people to recognize the need for proper vet care for even the most cuddly, active pups. Thank goodness for the kind lady and rescue - who gave this puppy all the love and care they could in her last days on earth.

  • Amber Charles 5 years ago

    I am the "kind lady" that took Lottie in. She stole my heart the first time I saw her. How I wish this terrible disease had not struck her down. Even at the young age she was, she was very low key and would have made a wonderful family dog. It just hurts me so to see when people discard such wonderful creatures that God made to coexist with us. Laurie did all she knew to do and I thank her wholeheartedly. Lottie's death was not a pretty thing to witness, but I am glad she knew that someone was there and cared about her in her final hours. She will always be remembered by me and my daughter. And as I told Laurie, I feel that she is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me with another beloved dog I had for 17 yrs. Thank you Laurie for your work and your care. May you be always blessed.

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