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The Lord's return could be a couple of months, it could be three years

Depending on the news reports accuracy, I am talking about the end of life as we know it. Democracy....gone. Communism....gone. Socialism...gone. Where are they going, you ask? Away. They are going away. Along with your freedoms, and your government. Gone will be the days of free speech, religion, free market, free trade. Life as we know will drastically change. The answer to your question as to why? The Bible tells those who read, and watch, and listen, that another prophecy is about to be fulfilled. That prophecy is the next Israeli war.

The political climate is about to change in the near future, and involves every country on earth. Israel will be forced into a war that will pit it against virtually every nation on earth. They will be conquered and forced to follow a godless leader who would proclaim himself as a god. He will even go as far as calling himself equal with Jesus, and he will have a "false prophet" as his second in command. For seven years everybody would be forced to pledge allegiance to him as both a leader and a god.

Here is the reason I believe this. According to prophecy, we will no longer use money. Everything would be bought and sold using a "mark" on the hand and/or forehead. This mark will have all of your personal, financial, and health information. It will also be used to track your every movement. About two weeks ago, Brian Williams reported on the NBC Evening News, a story about a microchip that would be implanted in your hand. It would contain all of your financials, all of your health records, everything about you, and keep track of where you are. The report also mentions the year 2017 as the target year to accomplish this. When a reporter went on the street to interview people about how they felt about this new “technology”, they were overjoyed that they would not have to carry purses or wallets with them, or cash. But little do they know.

Before that happens, Jesus may have taken His people out of this world, in what is commonly called the rapture. The time line is fuzzy on this, but it is estimated the rapture will occur about 3 1/2 years before the microchip is forced on the people. There will be millions of people that will be taken out of this world to live with Him for approximately seven years. Then when He returns all of the saints who ever lived on this earth will return to rule with Him. When people see that many of their loved ones disappeared, they may remember this prophecy, and regret scoffing at the idea of a rapture, or even scoffing at the teachings of the Holy Bible. But it may be too late for them. It may also be that they will have one more opportunity to repent before that great and terrible day when Jesus unleashes His people, angels, and holy warriors on the earth to set up His Kingdom for one thousand years.

If 2017 is the target date, could it be the coming of Jesus for His people in a month or two possible. I will be watching, praying, and ready. Will you?

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