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The looming mid-term elections & white space

In just over three months some US voters will go to the polls with the intention of making a point. Some of them will cast ballots angrily with much self-righteous indignation amid the reverberating mantra, “Throw the bums out!!” Still others will go to the polls to vote for someone that represents a single pet, often petty cause; the general well being and welfare of this nation and “we the people” be damned.

Far too few will go to their respective, ever-venue-changing tiny islands of “democracy” to cast a ballot to improve this nation’s and our economy’s pallor.

Almost all (unbeknownst to them) will be voting for an officeholder or would be officeholder that has been previously vetted and approved by the power brokers and holders, the oligarchs, that run this nation from the shadows by means of their respective finger puppets, the aforementioned office holders and would be officeholders. These in turn enable capitalist extremists and political terrorists.

There are a few people out to challenge, push back and take on the “establishment” in this case "establishment" meaning the previously mentioned “finger puppets.” But those are too few to make any real difference. For that reason alone the power brokers leave them to advance like mad individuals emerging from the wilderness eating honey and locusts.

When you control everything you control both the message and the media. This force becomes one solid-wall of influence meant to foist group thought, policy and conformity on us all. Outsiders, thinkers and those who would do well for this nation are simply depicted and characterized as counterculture, non-conforming malcontents; anomalies if you will.

This reality albeit a twisted, tortured and tormented version is all the reality most people will ever know or understand. That, too, the one-percent plutocrats know.

People who voice or print what I’ve just printed and convey to anyone willing to listen are easily marginalized with one broad-brush as conspiracy theorists.

To those with sufficient clarity of thought willing to give me some of their time I would posit the following. Between what we are fed by the owners of almost everything (yes, even in the USA) and things as they are what I fancifully call “reality” exists a chasm of “white space” (no pun intended).

White space in the print business is according to “the unprinted area of a piece of printing, as of a poster or newspaper page, or of a portion of a piece of printing, as of an advertisement…”

For my purposes this blog, white space is the stretch of reality between what we are told and taught to accept as reality and reality.

First you must have an inkling of the existence of this white space. Then you must be willing to engage that white space. Sometimes that requires taking a step back other times it’s necessary to take a step or two forward. This depends on both where you start from and also the topic. Then you must be willing to see it and understand it for what it is. Few have the temerity to support it much less voice it.

Between the realities depicted by those running for election or for reelection there is a great deal of white space. There is even more white space between the reality depicted by the two US far-right-of-center sides of the same coin and reality.

Seeing things as they really are and not as we are told they are requires interest, caring and the willingness to put aside pet peeves and prejudices. That’s much more difficult than you might guess or even imagine.

Without this engagement and willingness to participate in the investigation of the white space the result of the mid-term elections is a foregone conclusion.

Among the many, many subjects whose reality exists within this white space is the current state of our economy and income inequality, the migration of tens of thousands of children from the southern half of this hemisphere and the much imperiled and necessary “wall of separation” between church and state.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,

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