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The "look" of employment


  • Mary 6 years ago

    Thanks! This piece really sheds light on the issue of the Muslim covering in light of the A and F thing.

  • wondering... 6 years ago

    Just wondering, isn't it contradictory then for her to work there given a. the company's historic practices and b. the "look/image" that is projected by the company. Perhaps them firing her(however unjustified) was a blessing in disguise, as why would a woman who is wearing hijab as you say "is a symbol of modesty in Islam" would want to work in an environment that is extremely dim in lighting, blasts loud music (to the point where when one song ends and the other starts, the silence is deafening to the ears), and has these notoriously provocative images of men and women displayed on their walls?
    May Allah talah give her something that is infinitely better for her, ameen.

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