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The long road to God's Kingdom

When we have problems that seem insurmountable, sometimes we forget that there is a God with us who deeply cares for us. All of us are an extension of his/her Being.

Even when depression or circumstances hit an all-time low, God is there gently reminding us . . . wait, wait . . . the pain will eventually end. No psychic can know the timing. The nature of our lives is to be ruled by natural laws and the institutions and whims of mankind. But God CAN do miracles.

God is the bright spark (in us) that ignited our universe. Continue to follow the Ten Commandments, demand justice, and believe in salvation through Love. And eventually more and more people will too, eliminating most of the cruelty and injustice on our planet.

Do not disregard the power of prayer, especially group prayer. Thoughts are powerful, and collective thoughts are VERY powerful. Thoughts directed towards God WILL be heard, in some faraway and nearby dimension.

Do not be discouraged in your struggle -- there is a long road ahead.



Punished most severely

for a crime he did not commit,

young soldier comes home

with no legs.

Whose God allowed this?

Surely not my God, I think.

But I think again.

Yes, my God is with this man

now and forever with all of us.

But God does not direct all

the actions of men(women)

or of tempests and plagues

of the Earth.

God gives us joint responsibility

for the Earth and its creatures.

God grieves along with us

that the world is not yet --

not yet --

what God intended.

I cannot stop loving God.


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