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The lonely ghost of Magnolia's Vineyard

Magnolia's Vineyard
Magnolia's Vineyard

If you’re traveling near Orefield, it would be worth your time to take a little detour and visit the building which housed the well-known restaurant Magnolia’s Vineyard for years. It’s empty now and has been for several years which has sadly led to its deterioration, but the beauty of the building is still evident.

The structure was built in 1850 as the Guthsville Hotel and a stagecoach stop. In the 1860’s the Evans family purchased the property and soon Mr. Evans joined the Union army and went off to fight in the Civil War, leaving behind his teenage daughter, Magnolia. As Evans rose through the Union ranks, his daughter had an unlikely encounter at home. Legend has it that she was walking down Vineyard Road and was approached by a handsome stranger wearing a bloody Confederate uniform. He grabbed her, dragged her into the bushes and told her he was wounded by a bullet and separated from his unit. Instantly attracted to him, she promised to help. For two weeks she hid him on the property, tended his wound and brought him food and water. They fell deeply in love during this time. When he was recovered enough, he told her he had to leave and rejoin his unit. They spent the night together, and he vowed he would come back for her after the war and marry her. Magnolia was sure her soldier would come back for her, but she was never to see him again. Did he forget about her? Was he killed in battle? She would never know.

She never married and spent her days writing in her journal and walking along the creek, where they had agreed to meet when he came back for her. Over time, her story eventually became thought of as fiction, but in the 1980’s a family purchased the building and during renovations, found pages from her journals tucked away in the old Evans family bible proving it was all true.

Magnolia’s ghost can be seen walking along the Jordan Creek or walking the road where she met her lover so many years ago. She’s also been seen in the orchard. Inside the restaurant, candles have blown out or have been mysteriously relit after being blown out when no one’s in the room and she’s been seen in an upstairs window. People reported hearing the sound of something being dragged down the stairs and hearing their names called when no one is around. She is not thought of as being malicious, but wants her presence known.

Magnolia’s Vineyard is located at 2204 Village Road, where it intersects with Huckleberry Road. As of several months ago, you could still walk around the property and peer in the windows, but it was sold in November, 2013, so please respect this this gracious old beauty and its new owners. If you’re sensitive, you will definitely feel the presence of Magnolia here.