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The Lodge at Pebble Beach


When you walk out of The Lodge at Pebble Beach for the first time, you may pinch yourself, “Is this place for real?” Stillwater Bar and Gril l ~ The Tap Room ~ Club XIX ~ The Gallery as well as banquet service are all a part of the restaurant offerings of the Pebble Beach Co., where the cliffs and coast meet golfers and guests from all over the world.

I attended the Friends of The Monterey Symphony's banquet luncheon in the Library, and had an opportunity to experience the service and overall demeanor of this world renowned culinary center.

Yes, The Lodge's 'mission/vision" appears to be built on what  I call simply; “Serving taste, tastefully served.” Executive Chef Benjamin Brown probably has a more formal 'corporate” key phrase, but whatever it is, Sous chefs and the entire staff iare 100% behind him on it.

For the last three years The Lodge has been tipping the quality meter by hosting banquets ' with what is called “Synchronized Service.' where the bustling of banquet trays is replaced with a serene wait staff that arrives en force at your table,(that's ten guests, five waiters) When was the last time you experienced that kind of quiet at a banquet ....Perhaps never?

Which is probably why The Friends of the Monterey Symphony chose to celebrate there.

The Monterey Symphony's fifth pre-concert luncheon included the ever entertaining Max Bragado-Darman, conductor of the Monterey Symphony, and Sara Buechner, the Concert's pianist, with hosts Marcia Hayes and Betty Meyer.

And these industrious Friends never miss an opportunity to promote the next big fundraiser; Here they are selling hats for Their Derby viewing event, which includes serving the official Churchill Downs Mint Juleps, an auction and sit down luncheon at Corral De Tierra Country Club, May 1st, 2010 (ladies hats suggested...)

My hat's off to Executive Sous Chef Clint Wilson, Banquet Sous Chef ~ Mike Nemec and Corporate Executive Pastry Chef ~John Hui, respectively: (Thanks gentlemen, it's a race every day of the year for you ~ but in this case we are all winners!)

As proof that The Lodge is 'for real', from April 8th ~ 11th, Pebble Beach Co. hosts it's  third annual Food and Wine Festival;  A first class epicurean lifestyle Fête; where 60 celebrity chefs and 250 wineries come together to share a taste of the 'good life.'

Lucky for the Central Coast, if you can't get tickets, Monterey County has Executive Chef Benjamin Brown and staff at The Lodge  within reach the other 51 weeks of the year, and they are looking forward to serving you..

The Monterey Symphony

Concert  6 / April 24th ~ 26th
Max Bragado-Darman, conductor
Philip Lima, baritone

Monterey Symphony Chorus
Concert 7 / May 22nd ~ 24th
Max Bragado-Darman, conductor
the legendary Gary Graffman

The Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival

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