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The locals know this Jefferson Park coffee shop is the best!

Come in and get a special treat.
Come in and get a special treat.
2914 Coffee Facebook page

If you want to find the best coffee shops in any city, just ask the locals where they go. If you live in Jefferson Park, then you know who Anthony and Melissa Davis are. They own 2914 Coffee in the popular and growing Jefferson Park neighborhood. It’s where the locals come to hang out, talk and get a great coffee, pastry, ice cream or sandwiches.

This married couple was looking for a great location for a coffee shop and found the ideal spot with an address with special meaning. Working in the area gives me a chance to talk to residents and business owners and I found out some interesting fun facts from Melissa.

Hi Melissa, thanks for giving me a chance to come in and talk today. Tell us how you got started and why did you pick this particular location?

A little over 3 years ago Anthony and I started looking for a retail space for a potential coffee shop. Anthony was a barista at Amante coffee in Boulder, CO and was managing the store there when the idea to open up his own shop came about. Anthony is an artist and thought at some point he would own his own gallery, but instead he decided it would be more fun to have a space where he could show his art and make coffee for people. After looking at a few spaces we found ourselves at 2914 W. 25th Ave, in Jefferson Park.

You just celebrated your 2 year anniversary of being open here in Jefferson Park. Why did you pick this area?

We thought the area had great potential and thought others would too. So, we signed a lease and started the journey towards opening up a coffee shop. Figuring out what to name the shop was one of the biggest hurdles to get over. After pages of names where dismissed, Anthony realized that the address of the space we were in had significant meaning in our lives.

2914 W. 25th Ave is your business address, but that number has a lot of significance in your lives. It’s much more than just an address.

Yes it is! We were married in Akumal, Mexico on 2/9, and Anthony proposed to me on 2/14, and we were legally married on 2/14 (the ceremony in Mexico was a symbolic one). The search for a name was over and 2914 Coffee was born!

That’s a great story and a special name that goes far beyond just an ordinary address. You’ve been here two years and received quite a lot of recognition already.

We have been featured in a number of prominent Denver publications. We’ve been in 5280 Magazine, 303 magazine, Scoutmob, and we also won the 2012 Mayors Design Award. We have great reviews on Yelp, and we have amazing customers that keep us busy.

You have to be really excited about what is going on in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. How have you been received in the community?

We have been here a little over 2 years now and have felt very welcomed by our Jefferson Park neighbors. Hopefully with all the new development going on we will continue to meet new people who will become 2914 patrons.

2914 Coffee is located in the trending Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver. They feature a variety of blends from Kaladi Brother’s Coffee. They are open 7 days a week and this eclectic coffee shop offers expertly prepared drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. 2914 also serves cookies, pastries, Little Man Ice Cream and sandwiches and offers live music and special events. 2914 Coffee is located at the very special address of 2914 W. 25th Ave.

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