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The living world of the 'Evolve' maps

Flora and Fauna play a large role in Evolve
Flora and Fauna play a large role in Evolve
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In speaking with the Creative Director for the upcoming cooperative shooter Evolve Phil Robb, he shed some light on what will make the maps different. In Evolve, a group of four Hunters designed with different roles are tasked with taking down a large monster, which will be another person or maybe even you. As the monster, you "Evolve" through three stages by eating and consuming wildlife which also builds and rebuilds your armor back up. Well, this wildlife serves a dual purpose on these maps as it will mainly benefit whoever is playing the monster, rather it be by consumption, or setting traps for the hunters.

According to Robb, not one map will be the same, nor will the majority of wildlife crossover. A lot of games don't offer many maps at release, and most charge later as DLC. Just at launch, there is at least twelve maps planned with the possibility of more. With the game being recently delayed, that should play into the favor of having more maps playable at the time of release. As for the environments, they will have their own sets of flora and fauna. Robb states that when Turtle Rock Studios announced the first map, they had the Tyrant. This was a giant crocodile which hid out in a pool. Any hunters approach the pool, they are liable to get snatched up and eaten without warning. Situations like this is why sticking together is important, because if you go rogue, you could get caught up in the tiniest of fauna and die because no one is around to save you.

These maps are not like Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios other major title, where it's a Point A to Point B layout. The world is open and filled with obstacles. As of E3, Robb and his team had introduced the Megamouth. This creature is like a giant toad that camouflages itself in rocks. If you get near him, he'll grab you and that's game over. If you're playing as the monster, you can use this to your advantage and lure the Hunters to the area.

"There’s a spot where a couple of these Megamouths hang out, so if you’re trying to lose the Hunters, you can lead them to these areas to help you out as the monster. There will be some crossover between the wildlife and the plants, but they all sort of have their own “nasties” in them (the enrivonments) that you have to watch out for."

On top of the twelve maps, as of E3 Phil Robb had stated that there will be three playable monsters at release, along with 12 playable Hunter characters. That amounts to three characters per class. In fact, Turtle Rock Studios only had two monsters and about eight hunters completed. The delay might not please some people, but it will release at a time when less games are available in comparison to its original date, October 21st. This could mean the possibility of more content at launch such as more game modes, characters, monsters, and maps. Stay tuned for more information regarding Evolve.