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The Livewires tease and satisfy on debut E.P.

The Livewires
The Livewires

The south bay’s, The Livewires, self-describe as “dirty rock ‘n roll,” as if there’s any other kind. The 3-piece has a reverence to the gods of rock that’s been unseen for some time, and their 4-song, self-titled E.P. tools around the musical yard, sampling some of rock’s best styles. Guitar/Vocalist Brendan Martin, Bassist Sean Gillies and Drummer David Kudelka have done the listening. Now, it’s their turn to shine.

Martin draws his crooning vocal style akin to David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Nick Cave or Chicago’s original lead singer, Robert Lamm, while he wields a sort of neo-classic, blues on his guitar. Songwriting styles twist between more traditional blues charts (“Clouds on Clouds”) to the metallic-tinged (“Sniper”), to straight up funk-laced grooves (“Cheese Fondue,” “Sweet Tea”). Gillies and Kudelka provide not only appropriate rhythm shifts, but one’s that further the act’s style; all of which attests to The Livewire’s unflappable, slight mystique.

And while their self-titled debut seems only synaptic, the E.P. beckons to the future of this well-rounded, technically masterful, 3-piece. The future looks bright.

To hear samples and more visit The Livewires at Reverbnation.

You can see The Livewires, Feb. 1st at The Blank Club. The show will be in support of The English Language, as they celebrate the release of their new album, “This is Science/Rock & Roll.”

Visit the event page on Facebook for more details.