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The Little Things You Can Do in Denver for More Physical Activity

While you're not working out, there are many little things you can do to get more physical activity throughout your day. As a senior living in Denver in the winter, you can feel a bit limited when it gets below freezing, or negative below zero. Even if you shouldn't go outside because you risk frost bite, there are still many things inside that you can do.

Your safety is the most important thing, so always take that into account first! Check the weather for the temperature before heading outside for some physical activity. If it's well below freezing, always wear gloves and cover your mouth and face as much as possible. Layer a sweater under your coat and put on long johns under your pants. Wear two pairs of socks and make sure your boots are waterproof and well insulated.

Also, you should never do anything remotely strenuous when you aren't feeling well. Take the time to rest, and call your doctor if you start to feel sick. Always go by what your doctor says – he or she knows your individual health needs.

Snowing Day Walking

If it's not too terribly cold and you're bundled up properly, you can get some great physical activity by walking through the snow in your yard, and in the winter months in Denver, we have plenty of it! Very carefully, you can step through the snow to your mail box or to take your dog for a little walk. The snow provides some resistance, and forces you to lift your legs a little higher than normal. Only do this if the snow isn't above your knees, or it could become dangerous and you could fall. Just stay off the ice!

Walking Up and Down the Stairs

Hang on to the railing and walk up and down the stairs at an easy pace. Don't try to rush, just focus on your footing and be careful. Walking up and down stairs is great for your muscles and gets your blood pumping at a good rate without being too strenuous. If you start to feel bad in any way, go take a rest. You can do this several times a day easily as long as you feel up to it.

Weight Lifting While Sitting Down

Are you sitting down to watch television? Grab a free weight and pump some iron while you sit to make TV time more productive and keep you more physically active. The weight you lift is up to you, but generally a 5 lb weight should work fine for most people. Go with less if you need to. Do as many as you want, and you don't need to keep count. Switch sides every so often. You could even alternate arms between commercial breaks! Keep your motion varied and target different muscle groups by going from forward to back, or up and down.

Any comfortable repetitive motion is good to keep your muscles and joints spry on the days you aren't working out. Just listen to your body and your doctor's advice.

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