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The Little Movie That Could: Looking at the success of The Fault in Our Stars

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This weekend was full of big money for blockbusters that made big money, whether it is 22 Jump Street, How to Train Your Dragon 2 or Maleficent there was plenty of green to go around. In the summer, it is also not a strange or rare occurrence that a movie earns over $100 million worldwide and yet with a movie as small as The Fault in Our Stars it seems to be something worth celebrating. This articles will look at the many factors that made this movie a success and examine them in detail. Basically today we put the "examine" in "examiner".

To begin, it can be ascertained from its Rotten Tomatoes score of 82% critics and audience score of 92% that it simply is a well-received movie. When I reviewed it, I found it to be very good and true to its source material. Also, it was a movie that that many had been waiting for a long time. Fandango went through the statistics of the film's record breaking advance sales and saw that 95% of people simply wanted a plain romance-drama in their local cinema. This is an understandable desire, in the age of Twilight and other romances that need to put in action or sparkly vampires, people would be searching for some relateable characters to watch on the silver screen.

Another aspect was it's source material. Author John Green has enjoyed much success with his three previous books, but none had been a bigger hit then The Fault in Our Stars when it was released in 2012. The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into various languages. It was equally earning of great praise from critics and readers alike, and the movement only grew from there.

Speaking of movements, one major factor of the movies success was the fans of John and his brother Hank Green, called the "Nerdfighters" from a place known as "Nerfighteria". John Green already posted on his twitter that some studios are already asking him how to build authentic communities. His was built organically from a group of unique people who come together over the web and real life to reach out to one another. With multiple groups on facebook, twitter and reddit, they all are unique and different however they are capable of great things whether it is joining together to support a movie based off of a popular book or raising money for charitable causes. The charitable causes include the "Project for Awesome" which helps raise money for various charities every December, last year's event raised almost $871,000. But it doesn't stop there, the Green brothers are also able to raise banners for other causes, such as This Star Won't Go Out, a charity run by the family of Esther Grace Earl, a young woman with thyroid cancer who became friends with John Green before passing at the age of 16 in 2010. Even more, alongside this year's World Cup, the Greens set up a fundraiser that people could donate to sarcoma research under a specific country and that donation would give a "vote" to which team per group the Green brothers would support. All of this is done to fight "world suck" and it is a noble and inspiring movement.

These factors overall helped push The Fault in Our Stars to a current gross of $120 million, exactly ten times its budget, $81.7 million of which is domestic. That is currently higher than more expensive movie such as sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow or the comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. This is a very good sign for the weeks to come. This movie has inspired and brought to tears many people, and it is nothing sort of awesome.

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