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The Little Goat in Africa just released

Allie's Adventures is the name of the children's book series by Deborah Smith Ford. "The Little Apple" was the first in that series.
Allie's Adventures is the name of the children's book series by Deborah Smith Ford. "The Little Apple" was the first in that series.
Deborah Smith Ford

Just in time for the new school year comes a delightful book to give your favorite child. "Allie's Adventures" are perfect for classrooms.

"The Little Goat in Africa."
author Deborah Smith Ford

On August 20, 2014, author Deborah Smith Ford's second book in her new children's book series "Allie's Adventures" was released online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her new book is called "The Little Goat in Africa."

Ford, who resides in SW Florida, began writing in the 80s. Over two decades later she rewrote her unpublished piece of work, "The Little Apple." Instead of illustrating it the second time around, before getting it published, she hired professional illustrator Susi Galloway Newell.

Newell came on board around 2007 to illustrate the first book suitable for non-readers and young readers alike (Birth-8). The talented artist continues to illustrate Ford's work. The artist trained in South Africa, so this latest book has been right up her alley (no pun intended), as part of the story takes place in Kenya.

The series, itself, "Allie's Adventures," did not come to life until during the writing of the last book. As a result, all the characters now have names. Allie is the main character, and others include Milly, Splat, Janna, Miss Downing, Grandma, Uncle Jim, Baron the dog, and more.

According to the author, the creation of Allie came about from the combination of her hubby's name, Alton, and her nickname, Debbie. Ford said it was her agent's idea, and she has been happy with it!

Allie's full name is Allie Jean Anderson. The books are fiction but have been inspired by Ford's and others' real life experiences. Most of the illustrated ideas come from the author's travels and photographs, although the artist's creativity is seen as well.

The books are about adventures as seen through the eyes of a child. Some of those include farm life, plus traveling to and from New York; Florida; Kenya, Africa; London, England, with more places to follow in future books. A hint for the third book is Hollywood!

Ford, on tour now, expects to attend several book launches in the near future. Enjoy more about the author and her book series on Facebook and Also, enjoy a sneak peek of some of the latest illustrations from "Allie's Adventures" in slideshow.

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