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'The Little Couple' wraps India trip: Jen Arnold shares additional tidbits

'The Little Couple' family faces challenges in India
'The Little Couple' family faces challenges in India
Photo via Jen Arnold's Twitter

Tuesday night fans of “The Little Couple” watched as Jen and Bill finished their trip to India for Zoey's adoption. Unfortunately Arnold had to head home early due to health issues, and viewers watched both the highs and the lows of the big trip. Throughout the show on March 11, Dr. Jen Arnold tweeted out additional tidbits about what was going on during the trip.

Arnold said that their first night with Zoey was “fun and scary!” They were worried she wouldn't be able to sleep, or would have trouble breathing like Will did. When it came to the flight to New Delhi, Zoey did better than they expected she would. Jen did joke about Zoey's awesome lungs though.

As for Jen's health concerns, she said that the symptoms came on quickly and they were unpredictable. When it came to Zoey's medical clearance, Jen felt that it was safer to stay back at the hotel and have Bill go it alone. She was worried about how poorly she felt, and she wasn't sure how accessible a bathroom would be. She stayed at the hotel and she and Kate played with Will.

Tuesday's episode of “The Little Couple” showed some adorable footage of Bill with Zoey, and Jen said she had no idea he had decided to have his cute talk with her. Arnold says that Zoey really loves Bill, and she joked that “I think Will finally followed thru with good references.” She also said, “My husband is an amazing dad,” and viewers certainly saw that.

Will took to being a big brother right away, and the first night as she cried he would keep telling her, “Nite Nite Ozoy!” She shared a picture of Zoey and Will eating breakfast one morning, and she joked that “Food is uniting!” She did feel sad that she missed Will feeding the elephant though.

As for Jen's health, it was really quite serious in that time leading up to her departure. She says that the doctor she was coordinating with had a way to estimate excessive bleeding like she had, and Arnold was actually close to needing a blood transfusion. She was torn and feeling guilty about leaving Bill and the kids, but obviously it had to be done. One scary note from “The Little Couple” star is that she even wrote down on paper how to manage her airway in case her blood loss caused an emergency on the plane and others needed to step in to help.

Arnold didn't tell her parents much before she got home. She says they were prepared to pick her up at the airport and she went straight to the doctor. Jen adds, “It's hard to trust your intution & gut feelings, but something told me this was serious.” Indeed it was. She hated being away from the rest of the family, of course, but Bill kept her updated and she enjoyed watching Tuesday's episode to see how Bill and the kids did during the rest of their trip.

There are more tough times ahead for Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey this season on “The Little Couple.” Jen was right to head home, as it was an aggressive and rare cancer causing her issues. Viewers will see Arnold go through treatment in the episodes to come, and of course there will be more of Will and Zoey. “The Little Couple” airs new episodes Tuesday nights on TLC.

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