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'The Little Couple' updates: Jen Arnold shares tidbits about Zoey with fans

'The Little Couple' family is now complete
'The Little Couple' family is now complete
Photo via Jen Arnold's Twitter

Tuesday night, fans of “The Little Couple” watched as Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein and their son Will picked up their new family member Zoey in India. Throughout the March 4 show, Arnold was tweeting and sharing some additional tidbits about their big trip. What details did she share that fans won't want to miss?

Arnold shared Zoey's referral photo via Twitter, and she opened up about how excited Will was to meet his new sister. Jen said that they hadn't had much contact with Zoey's orphanage during the process, nor had they received much guidance on what to expect when they were in India. Those factors played in to the nerves they felt as they went to meet Zoey, an experience that just about every adoptive family can relate to from their own experiences.

Jen tweeted that “Most adoptive parents know to expect crying and rejection at first, but its still panful no matter how ugh we know its normal [sic].” Despite how tough those initial moments were, Will immediately warmed up to Zoey and Jen says watching his reaction made her cry. It sounds like Will never wavered in his desire to help Zoey adjust, and Arnold's tidbits are heartwarming.

Later in the evening “The Little Couple” star shared a photo of the four of them together shortly after bringing Zoey back to the hotel. Jen writes, “Our family is complete!” Despite Zoey's apprehension visible in the picture it's an adorable photo and fans quickly favorited it more than 2,000 times. Jen also shared that Zoey now loves to eat everything except lettuce, which is great progress in a short amount of time.

Tuesday's episode was filled with a lot of emotional moments, and fans know there are many more of those on the way yet in the new season. “The Little Couple” airs new episodes Tuesday nights on TLC.