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‘The Little Couple’ tweets cute picture of Zoey, Will at home with toys (photo)

‘The Little Couple’ tweets adorable picture of Zoey, Will
‘The Little Couple’ tweets adorable picture of Zoey, Will
Jen Arnold/Twitter

The Little Couple offers a look at the journey that Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have taken for their family. As the fans are introduced to Zoey after she was adopted on The Little Couple on Tuesday night, viewers are also getting a sneak peek behind the scenes at life today. The show was taped months ago and Zoey’s adoption has been a blessing in the making. On Monday morning Jen Arnold shared a moment with fans on Twitter with the kids played together in a very loving way.

“Happening now in the Klein house- Somehow a basket is more fun than toys!” tweeted Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account on Monday. Attaching an adorable picture, she revealed that bond that kids have with baskets, boxes and buckets. The moment is one that every parent knows about as toys don't always have wheels or buttons. Sometimes objects that aren't necessarily meant for playing are more popular than toys bought at the store.

The Little Couple is once again offering up a glimpse of their world on TLC Tuesday night. Sharing the journey of the adoption of Zoey with the viewers and the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer, this emotional episode once again has fans tuning in to see how the family handles the good with the bad.

Getting back to the adorable picture posted online it seems Zoey has adjusted to her home quite well and loves her brother, Will. This isn't to say they don’t fight and bicker like siblings do, but they both love those objects that aren't toys. Sounds like the kids have become happy children who love to explore, right?