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‘The Little Couple’ travels with the kids: Will gets window seat on flights

Will, the frequent flyer

The Little Couple” offers a look at the growing family of Jen Arnold and Bill Klein on TLC. Yet even when the family isn't on television they remember the fans. Lately, the parents of Will and Zoey have been so busy traveling that it has been a big adventure for the kids. So where does Will sit when he is on the airplane? For most toddlers, the experience isn't a big deal, but it appears that Will loves the window and wants the seat closest to the wall. Bill Klein shared a picture of the youngster on Sunday with "The Little Couple" fans and it’s safe to say that the kids have adapted to having famous parents.

“Will, the frequent flyer,” wrote Bill Klein on his official Twitter account on Sunday. Attaching a picture of the moment, the child looked so happy to be riding on an airplane.

The upcoming episode of “The Little Couple” promises to offer up more fun. The half hour show is expected to showcase how the family comes together for a little personal time. The official Facebook page of the show shares a picture of the family on a carousel and it looks quite charming.

The journey of Jen and Bill as they conquer cancer and rise up to the challenges of adoption has been nothing short of inspiring. Knowing that millions of people would look and judge the decisions they made, it appears they still wanted to share the journey on film for all to see. Now the results of the challenge are seen and people are surprised how well the kids look (and the parents too.)

The glimpse that “The Little Couple” cast gave to fans over the weekend, when they were on the airplane, definitely is kind. They have already opened their hearts on TLC and to add more to that is quite impressive. As for Will, it seems he doesn't matter where he travels, as long as his parents are by his side.

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