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'The Little Couple' talk about life and kids to Extra TV

Jen and Will at yoga
Jen and Will at yoga

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein sat down, with Extra TV to talk about what life has been life the past few months. Jen explains that she is now "cancer-free" and finished up her last round of chemo therapy and, it was stated in the last episode of the “The Little Couple” that she the tumor has shrunk enough to make her in remission.

Jen also states that she beginning to feel like herself again. She still has to deal with fatigue but has gotten much better with each day that passes, she felt worse months before, so she knows in a few months time she is feel even better then she does now.

She also talks about her two kids. Will who is 3 years old, and Zoey who is 2 years old. Jen wants the balance between fun and discipline so they can express their individualities.

They were also asked about their marriage, and what is secret to a happy and successful marriage, and their answer was “love and respect and just being there for each other.” Jen and Bill have been married for 5 years. You can see their love show with the two of them, and their kids on Tuesday nights on TLC on 10/9c.

There you can watch the entire live interview

The show is full of love, love for their kids, and love for each other. The have recorded their interview which you can watch on the extra TV website as well as here. Here is the link to the interview and taping.

Check out and all new episode on Tuesday!

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