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'The Little Couple' star's battle of a lifetime is starting to sink in today

'The Little Couple' star's battle of a lifetime is starting to sink in now
'The Little Couple' star's battle of a lifetime is starting to sink in now

'The Little Couple' star, Dr. Jennifer Arnold, is ready to get back to her normal way of life after fighting a rare form of cancer and beating it. This 'The Little Couple' celebrity has been cancer-free for about six weeks after surgery and months of chemotherapy, according to on March 13.

Arnold’s doctor’s fought this cancer with her dwarfism in mind, like not wanting to do surgery originally because her dwarfism might have offered complications with that line of attack toward the cancer. The chemotherapy was first, but surgery was an option the doctors went with later down the line.

The cancer that Arnold developed after a failed pregnancy is extremely rare form of cancer. It develops in just one in 50,000 births. The stage 3 choriocarcinoma was the product of the cells that should have developed into the placenta, but instead they developed into a uterine tumor.

When the doctor’s diagnosed Arnold’s cancer it had already spread into her lungs. Doctors also did something they normally would not do and that was to treat Arnold in the same hospital where she is a doctor during her full-time career.

It was what the hospital had to offer along the lines of the doctor’s pediatric expertise and the pediatric technology that could be utilized for Arnold because of her small size. They did what they thought would be the best treatment for Arnold and thanks to them she is now cancer-free for six weeks. Her long-term prognosis is “excellent,” report her doctors.

Arnold said that now that the hardest part of the battle is over and she’s awarded that excellent prognosis, it is hitting her what she actually had and went through. She will undergo weekly blood screens to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned.

Letting the cameras in on this journey was a tough decision for the “Little Couple” star, but she wanted other cancer survivors to see that it cancer is a “winnable battle.” She said she was also happy that she didn’t have to hide this anymore and found letting the cameras show her story also saved her the uncomfortable task of telling people what she had been through. This made her recovery stage a bit easier for Arnold.

Arnold plans to return to work full time next month at Texas Children's Hospital where she has the prestigious position as a neonatologist at the hospital’s Newborn Center. Arnold is also the director of Texas Children’s Simulation Center.

The good doctor and her husband have shown the world over the past five years that little people can live normal and very fulfilling lives on the reality show “The Little Couple.”

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