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‘The Little Couple’ spoilers: Jen Arnold back at work after beating cancer

The cast of The Little Couple - Jen Arnold and Bill Klein
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Fans of “The Little Couple” had better be ready to be shedding tears of joy on Tuesday night. The couple, Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have opened their home up to show the struggle that Jen had with cancer and now the results of the chemotherapy are in and she is going back to work. According to Radar Online on Tuesday, the fans are going to see the tough woman get back to the job.

“Tomorrow is a big day for me- first day working back in #NICU,” tweeted Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account on Tuesday.

The road of recovery has been tough for the family. Not only did they just adopt another child, they have found themselves coming together to fight the cancer together. Making it a health issue that got support and strength to conquer, it’s an impressive feat that offers a glimpse of what happens when someone defeats cancer.

Perhaps the fans love "The Little Couple" as much as they do this season because there is good and bad. Everyone could empathize with the chemotherapy treatments and watching Jen Arnold lose her hair. Viewers could also relate to balancing family responsibility with health issues. Don’t forget Jen also shared her song playlist that helped her get through the tough times and pictures of her kids that gave her a reason to succeed.

While the timeline between the show and what happens in real life is a bit delayed, the upcoming TLC episode really is one to watch. Showcasing what happens when someone gets cancer and beats it is a wonderful thing. As people know, cancer is nothing to mess with and when people survive it should be celebrated.

“The Little Couple” offers the firsthand look at Jen Arnold returning to work on TLC at 10 p.m. ET. Thank goodness she defeated cancer as Will and Zoey need her!

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