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'The Little Couple' spoilers: Jen Arnold and Zoey do tea time in new episode

Zoey and Jen have tea time on the next 'The Little Couple'
Zoey and Jen have tea time on the next 'The Little Couple'
Photo courtesy of TLC, used with permission

It is tea time for Dr. Jen Arnold and her daughter Zoey in Tuesday's new episode of “The Little Couple.” On Tuesday People shared a sneak peek in to the April 22 episode and it is clear there is a lot of cuteness ahead. Zoey has charmed viewers of this TLC show since day one, and the latest sneak peek indicates that's not going to change anytime soon.

The April 22 episode of “The Little Couple” is titled “Tea Time With Zoey.” It seems Bill will take Will to work with him for the day so Jen and Zoey can embrace some girl time. Arnold mentions that she wants to spend some quality time with Zoey now that she is feeling better post-chemotherapy. She goes all out as she pulls together some dress-up clothes, typical tea party food and a bit of decaffeinated tea to share with her little girl.

As fans have already seen, when it comes to little Zoey on “The Little Couple,” this is a toddler full of her own ideas. She makes it clear she has no intention of donning the gloves, boa or hats her mommy has at the ready, but she seems open to the idea of tea and snacks. Zoey has seemingly acclimated to her new life in Texas quite smoothly and quickly, which is always evident from the photos Dr. Jen Arnold shares on Twitter. This is clearly one spirited but happy little girl.

The early episodes of the season had a lot of rocky moments for Jen and Bill with both the travels to adopt Zoey and Jen's stunning cancer diagnosis. However, now things are on a better track for the family and there are fun times ahead. Tune in to “Tea Time With Zoey” airing Tuesday night on TLC. Though the focus of this "The Little Couple" episode may be around Jen Arnold and Zoey, there will surely be some fun times included from Bill and Will's big day at the office as well.