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'The Little Couple' spoilers: Jen and Bill celebrate milestone with Will, Zoey

'The Little Couple' family celebrates Christmas together in Tuesday's show
'The Little Couple' family celebrates Christmas together in Tuesday's show
Photo via Jen Arnold's Twitter

Tuesday night on “The Little Couple” fans will see Jen and Bill celebrate their first Christmas with Will and Zoey. On March 25 The Wrap shared a great “The Little Couple” spoiler sneak peek at just what is in store for viewers. Is it a stress-free Christmas for Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein?

Bill Klein explains that this is their first Christmas together as a family and his goal is to give Will and Zoey the best Christmas they've ever had. Of course this is all complicated by the fact that Jen Arnold is in the midst of her battle against cancer and is undergoing intensive treatments that affect her ability to feel well day-to-day.

Jen's original treatment schedule would have had her having a chemo treatment just before the holiday. Due to immune system issues, the treatment was postponed. She says this is both a good thing and a bad thing, the upside being that she will feel a little bit better for Christmas then she would have had she just undergone chemotherapy.

Bill had apparently talked for years about wanting a train that would go under the big Christmas tree, but until “The Little Couple” stars had kids they never had a need to have one. Jen shares that now Bill is pulling out all the stops, and it seems he's just excited as Will and Zoey are about it.

Tune in to “The Little Couple” for “Our First Christmas” airing Tuesday, March 25 on TLC.