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‘The Little Couple’ spoiler: Will's 4th birthday party at zoo with giraffe, pals

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein from The Little Couple
Photo by Neilson Barnard

The fans of “The Little Couple” will get to see how Jen Arnold and Bill Klein spared no expense when it came to celebrating Will’s fourth birthday. The popular reality show family has opened their doors to the viewers and offered a glimpse of the lives after the adoption of Will and Zoey. The family shared a big milestone with the fans and while having fun (and cake) everyone celebrates Will’s birthday. According to Jen Arnold's official Twitter account on Saturday, both Will and Zoey love to go play and she shared a picture of the siblings waiting at the door to the playroom. Fans who watch the big birthday celebration will notice that the kids had plenty of fun at the zoo and they do love the animals too.

The Little Couple” is going to be a walk on the wild side with the cameras rolling. It is Will’s fourth birthday and the child is having a special moment with the animals in a place that is a childhood’s dream. Since it’s his first birthday party in the United States, Bill and Jen want it to be a big deal. They have decided on a safari theme that will be held at the zoo! There will be alligators, armadillos and giraffe’s and then some great blow up animals too. Plus, the friends and family members of the couple are part of the festivities and everyone gets to have a little animal fun.

The sneak peek of Will’s birthday party preparation by TLC has the youngster and his sister Zoey looking at the animals. In another glimpse at the party Will is trying to feed the giraffes and the viewers are in for a real treat watching the kids trying to pet the other animals with the zoo official’s help.

The cool moments of the show has viewers reflecting on how much effort is put into making the young boy happy and what is done to have a perfect family event. Even the animals look happy to see young Will celebrating his birthday!

"The Little Couple" airs Tuesday on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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