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‘The Little Couple’ song list? Jen Arnold shares music that helped beat cancer

Jen Arnold shares list that helped her during her cancer fight
Jen Arnold/Twitter

The Little Couple returns to TLC on Tuesday night and the fans get to see the couple grapple with adoption and the diagnosis of Dr. Jen Arnold’s cancer. The emotional journey the couple has taken over the past year to put together their family and be a healthy unit has been tough. Perhaps that is why Jen Arnold turned to music when it came to the good times and the bad. On Monday the reality star revealed her music playlist which offered a list of songs she listened to during her tough times during the cancer diagnosis including her chemotherapy treatments.

“Songs that got me through the tougher times!” tweeted Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account. The list of songs can be heard by all the fans who are interested as it has been set up to be turnkey on Spotify.

So what types of songs did Jen listen to that offered some comfort? Well the list is definitely upbeat and offers a winning combination. Songs like Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Brave by Sara Bareilles, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and even Odds Are by Barenaked Ladies.

For someone going through the treatment of cancer, there is plenty of emotions, but one thing for sure is you don’t need a dire diagnosis to enjoy these songs. The list is composed of music that offers motivation and encouragement to deal with whatever mountain might be in the way. In fact this is the type of song list that people should be listening to every time they feel a little down.

Since Jen Arnold shared it with the world, it’s obviously pretty effective in helping beat cancer. Obviously there was no miracles going on while listening to the tunes, but the music helped keep to the task of staying positive while getting treatments and sometimes that is what is needed when going through a difficult situation.

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