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‘The Little Couple’ sneak peek: Zoey likes watching mom on TV, fans Q’s answered

Zoey watches her mom on camera while "The Little Couple" is taped

The Little Couple might be done filming the season, but the cast is doing a special show that answers the fan’s questions. As viewers learn about the plight of the reality family, there appears to be plenty of questions about cancer, adoption and how the family is adapting. With the upcoming special being taped there was a serious tone, but in a sneak peek behind the scenes Zoey offered a very special moment. Jen Arnold revealed on Sunday that Zoey likes the TV set. The darling child was captured waving to her mommy when Arnold was on camera. According to TLC, the two are so close that they could get a best mother and daughter duo award if there was one offered.

“Zoey waving hi to mama on the TV,” tweeted Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account. The child was seen waving to a television set and her mom was waving back with the live feed coming from the camera. Trying to figure out how her mother was in the box, Zoey looked intrigued by the technology that was in their house.

As the family comes together, the reality stars have offered up some great moments for the fans to watch. The Little Couple seems to know that the kids are interested on being on television, but aren't quite sure how it all works. Perhaps too young and definitely a bit too early to introduce them to the world of TV, for now the kids get to see their mom on TV and couldn't be happier.

The Little Couple is on TLC Tuesday night with the upcoming special offering answers to fans questions to be aired very soon.

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