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‘The Little Couple’ shows global adoption; Jen Arnold, Bill Klein goes to India

The Little Couple’ offers a glimpse of something that no other reality show has done so far. When the TLC show debuts on Tuesday night it will be Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein who goes to India to get their daughter. The idea of international adoption is foreign to some Americans, but as reality show will share, it’s a real possibility for families looking to help children around the world. According to the “Today” show on Tuesday, there is no shortage of worry as most children are picked up at the orphanages in countries like India.

Adopting Zoey
Dr. Jen Arnold / Twitter

"It was a combination of nerves and excitement," Bill Klein told the Today show. On the season premiere, the fans will get to see this emotion first hand as the family flies to the area to pick up Zoey, their daughter.

While the process of international adoption isn’t easy, American families do use this process to bring together their loved ones. It’s an opportunity to help a child in another country and fill a void that people find necessary. There are no shortages of children needing homes in the United States and around the world. Perhaps that is why this opportunity is so special for the fans to watch.

One of the big concerns about adopting a child overseas has to be meeting the kid for the first time. The introduction and the health of the child is so very important. It’s the beginning of a bond that starts a new chapter for the child and the parents.

While fans have seen Zoey as she has grown with the family, the introduction to this new edition of the family will be interesting as it plays out over this next season of “The Little Couple.”

The new season of "The Little Couple" begins Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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