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‘The Little Couple’ reveals toughest decision ever made; cancer jeopardizes trip

Dr Jen Arnold
Dr Jen Arnold
Twitter/Dr Jen Arnold

The Little Couple returns to TLC on Tuesday and with the joy of picking up Zoey came the most difficult decision that the family has made yet. The upcoming season of the reality show has fans watching intently as the family has opened their hearts and their lives up to the viewers around the world. On Sunday Dr. Jen Arnold shared a spoiler of the show on social media and viewers realized this episode is going to be tough to watch. According to Broadway World on Sunday, The Little Couple is one of seven shows on TLC that consecutively have more than two million viewers watching every week.

“This Tuesday you'll see me make one of the hardest decisions I have ever made!” tweeted Dr. Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account. The star also attached a picture of her looking rather tired after making the big decision.

Apparently Jen begins to feel ill on the way to New Delhi. The couple are in India to pick up their daughter, Zoey, and Jen must make a difficult decision that will affect the whole family. That decision is what every viewer is going to be exploring on Tuesday night and talking about around the water cooler on Wednesday.

The season of The Little Couple definitely lays out a difficult journey that the fans get a front row seat to follow. From the opportunities to pick up their child to the devastation felt when finding out that cancer could be part of the equation, the family has stuck together and decided not to give up on their journey in life.