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‘The Little Couple’ parenting style? Jen Arnold, Bill Klein talk to Will, Zoey

Zoey gets a checkup on The Little Couple
Zoey gets a checkup on The Little Couple
The Little Couple

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein of The Little Couple share their lives with the world as they allow cameras into their home and it appears that the couple uses that approach when parenting too. The parents of two children, Zoey and Will, have decided that parenting with an open book policy helps the kids adapt to their new lives and is far less complicated than shielding something and then explaining later. According to People Magazine on Tuesday, the kids knew when Jennifer Arnold was ill and before everyone went to the hospital, the parents took time to explain what was going to happen.

While parenting styles differ from household to household, this idea of sharing with the children has gotten mixed opinions from fans who watch the show. The biggest concern is that the youngsters might be getting too much information. However, the children won't be scared if they know what is going to happen in a situation instead of being surprised.

Knowing that Jen and Bill take time with their kids to share with them every part of their lives, is very touching and a way to bring the family together. Building trust at a young age by being open and honest, the family dynamic will always be the strongest place that the kids start from and that definitely will help the kids grow into confident adults.

The Little Couple returns to TLC on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET.