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"The Little Couple" on TLC Jen's Cancer comes back

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are more then famous these days. You may know them from their show on TLCThe little Couple” Both Bill and Jen have dwarfism and have started their show in 2009. Both Bill and Jen wanted to have kids, but they struggled in having children together, they decided to adopt. In 2013 they met their first son, William who was born in China. William is a very easy going and happy little boy. You rarely ever see him upset. This adoption was televised and aired on their show “The Little Couple”

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Happy Family

After a few months, they wanted to adopt a 2nd child, which would be from India. This season of “The Little Couple” started out as Jen, Bill and Will travel to India to adopt their 2nd child Zoey. Both William and Zoey suffer from a skeletal condition that makes them also small in size.

This last episode shows the family travels and meets their daughter. It shows them learning about Indian culture and learning where their daughter comes from. Once going to the orphanage they meet the caregivers that cared for their daughter, then finally got to meet Zoey for the first time. Zoey was very anxious meeting her new family and was not as thrilled as her parents were.

Another development making news is that Jen begins to feel ill during the trip to India. She tries to ignore her symptoms and continue, but she finally has to go home to U. S. and leave her family and find out what is wrong.

Upon finding out she realizes her cancer has come to back. She ends up being admitted to hospital for treatment.

Will Zoey adjust to her new family? Will Jen be ok? Check out “The Little Couple” on TLC on Tuesday nights. At 10/9 central.

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