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‘The Little Couple’ news: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein talks cancer diagnosis (video)

On TLC “The Little Couple” offers fans a chance to see the journey of two reality stars looking to build a family. And during the adoption of their daughter in India, the couple found out that Jen Arnold got cancer and had to return to the United States to run tests. The diagnosis of the disease is tough, but somehow the family found strength to share this journey too. On Thursday, “The Little Couple” released a new video with Jen Arnold and Bill Klein talking about how they felt during the cancer diagnosis. According to Hollywood Life on Thursday, sharing the struggle that the couple had with cancer the family hopes it helps others and offers people a chance to be further educated on the topic.

That doesn’t mean that the cancer diagnosis and treatment wasn’t scary. Apparently the entire health issue was a moment that tested “The Little Couple” relationship and offered a tough situation for the couple. Yet, they handled it the best way they could and offered up a story that has fans watching intently every week as the journey moves along.

Watching the video, the fans realize that the cancer that Jen Arnold was very fast moving. Concerned about it spreading to her brains or heart, treatment needed to be decided upon immediately and action had to be taken. Even with all that was going on, it was obvious that the family support made it happen and she is now a cancer survivor.

Take a look at the video clip with Jen Arnold and Bill Klein talking about the cancer diagnosis. It sounds like they faced this challenge together.

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